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Our organization was recently featured in Metrolinx’s Eglinton West Extension community newsletter, sharing the story of our people and our work. Thank you to Metrolinx for the profile and please consider supporting the Resiliency Campaign this holiday season!

In April 2020, Lumenus Community Services was created when four legacy agencies amalgamated to provide a seamless continuum of care for the community. Lumenus is a Toronto based community organization that works to provide families with the support they need through one organization rather than switching from agency to agency to meet their needs. Some of the services offered to infants, children, youth and families include extensive mental health services, early childhood intervention programs, developmental and autism services. 

Lumenus Community Services has offices at several locations across the Toronto region, including 65 Hartsdale Drive. This location specializes in providing support for individuals with autism and their families and has partnered with the Toronto District School Board to provide a series of day programs for youth with development disabilities, mental health disorders or complex special needs.

Lumenus delivers comprehensive care and service with partial funding from the but mainly relies on community donors for support. Throughout the year, Lumenus also holds fundraisers to help support their programs. Happening now, Lumenus is running their Resiliency Campaign that helps raise money to support families who experience sudden and urgent financial challenges. This can include anything from medical expenses, child care, education costs and beyond. The recipients of this help are often single parents, low-income families and young adults without much financial support. To give to their Resiliency Campaign, check out

The Lumenus community is looking forward to the Eglinton Crosstown West Extension opening because it will provide their clients with convenient and reliable travel to their appointments at their Hartsdale Drive location, helping them reach more people in a timely manner.

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