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About Lumenus

What Lumenus Does

If you need support, or you’re a caregiver to a person of any age in need of help, you just found it. We know your path hasn’t been easy. We know the system has been challenging to navigate. That ends here. At Lumenus, we remove the barriers. We push open the doors that feel heavy. We offer a broad range of high quality mental health, developmental, autism and early years intervention services to children, youth, families, and individuals across Toronto. And the light is always on.

Why Lumenus

Through an integrated and collaborative approach, our people will wrap services around you and provide a single circle of care and support. That means a team of people will be on your side, doing everything they can to remove the worry and illuminate the path ahead. We’ll ensure access to a wide array of services based on you or your dependant’s particular needs. However you require support, Lumenus is here and so is the potential for a brighter future. Lumenus is where every client has the opportunity to be seen, be heard and to be well.

The Lumenus Service Model

Lumenus offers a broad range of high quality mental health, developmental and community services for infants, children, youth, individuals and families across Toronto. 

The Lumenus Mission

We illuminate a seamless pathway to optimal wellbeing through high-impact mental health and developmental services and strong system leadership.

The Lumenus Vision

Transforming lives and building brighter futures through caring experiences.

Making a Difference

Lumenus understands that many of our users and clients will need access to more than one service. That’s why programs and services are integrated and woven together in a meaningful way. Equally important, the people who depend on us get the assistance they need to navigate the system both inside Lumenus and between other organizations. Our caring and skilled staff consult with community partners, including childcare, school and health care, to help coordinate services. We also work in close partnership with other organizations/service providers to ensure that all user needs are fully met. This operating approach helps us fulfill our purpose: To create seamless, easier access while reducing barriers to care and expertise. In this way, we ensure everyone in Toronto has the opportunity to be seen, be heard and to be well.

Becoming Lumenus

Our journey began with the amalgamation of four legacy agencies. In April 2020, Adventure Place, The Etobicoke Children’s Centre, Griffin Centre and Skylark Children, Youth & Families became one. United as Lumenus, the commitment and expertise of each legacy agency remains and now a new, more seamless continuum of care and support is provided to existing and future clients.

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