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The Wraparound Process is an innovative approach that mobilizes the community to help children, youth and families with multiple, unmet  needs, find solutions that will help improve the quality of their lives.

This proven approach surrounds youth, young parents and families with a support team of family members, social workers, public health nurses, faith groups, friends and community members. The “family like” support team is chosen by the individual(s) and includes formal and informal members. The team works together to help the young person/family plan their steps forward and build strategies to overcome barriers to success in order to reach their goals.

Lumenus is presently involved in four Wraparound initiatives:

  1. Child Welfare Wraparound  
  2. Keeping Families Together Wraparound

Our Child Welfare Wraparound and Keeping Families Together Wraparound initiatives aim to prevent out-of-home placement for children/youth in families experiencing conflict. They also aim to help children/youth returning from care to reintegrate into their families and community. Lumenus collaborates with child welfare agencies (who refer all children/youth to our program) and other children’s mental health centres.

3. Young Families at Risk of Homelessness

Funded by the City of Toronto, this service helps young parents (25 years and under) at risk of homelessness and their children transition from shelters or inappropriate accommodation to stable housing. Using the Wraparound model, housing needs are addressed as well as other areas that can negatively impact securing stable housing (such as addictions, violence in the family and medical concerns to name a few)

4. Quick Wrap Process

Quick Wrap is strength-based and adheres to the key values and principles of the Wraparound model. It is a short-term process, usually up to six months, that focuses on one to three areas of need in a young person/family’s life.

In partnership with other community agencies, Quip Wrap is provided on a fee for service basis for Catholic Children’s Aid’s Supporting Families Connection project and our internal Special Needs Team.

We were one of the original (seven) communities that brought the team-based Wraparound Process to Ontario/Canada over 20 years ago. Wraparound Toronto is one of the founding members of the Wraparound Association of Ontario, other organization in Ontario facilitating the Wraparound Process. Our Wraparound Director is a current seated and founding member of the Wraparound Canada Board of Directors and Co-Director for the Canadian-based Wraparound Training Institute. We are also one of the leading Training Centres of the High Fidelity Wraparound Process.

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