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Access: Online

Ages: 14-24

Cost: Free

At Lumenus, we are proud to be a part of The New Mentality, a network of youth facilitated groups from across Ontario that work with partner agencies in their communities to raise mental health awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding it.
Each year, we hire two youth facilitators to lead a project that aims to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, with the support of a group of youth volunteers and adult allies. The New Mentality is open to youth aged 14 to 24.

Projects created by The New Mentality at Lumenus

In 2021, our New Mentality group created The Self-Care Series: COVID Edition, a podcast and accompanying resources that talk about how to practice self-care during the pandemic and cope with the changes it has brought on in a healthy way. Join us as we talk about finding ways to destress, work effectively during online school, use social media, and connect with loved ones. The podcast can be found on the Lumenus YouTube Channel. The resources are available here: 

In 2020, our New Mentality group developed two peer-created resources on the topics of making the transition into high school, and from high school. The group interviewed youth across Toronto, and compiled their responses into two resources: The Transition To High School
and The Transition From High School
In 2018, our New Mentality group created Growing Still: The Podcast. The podcast includes youth hosts interviewing youth across Toronto on how adults and caregivers can best talk to young people about mental health. Listen to the podcast on YouTube.

Delivery Partners:

  • Children’s Mental Health Ontario
  • The New Mentality

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