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Access: Referral via email or phone

Ages: 0-18

Cost: No Cost

The Residential Placement Advisory Committee Toronto (RPAC) on behalf of Children and Youth Services RPAC is a mandated service under the Child and Family Services Act designed to ensure that children in residential care are being well served.

Reviews occur routinely for each child and youth who move into a residential program licensed for ten or more individuals when the placement will be more than 3 months.   Any child/youth living in either foster care or a group home of any size can ask for a review.  It’s your right! Reviews include the child’s point of view, the parent/guardian’s point of view and key service providers involved.  RPAC will make recommendations. 

What Parents/guardians need to know about the role of R.P.A.C.?

What is R.P.A.C?

  • R.P.A.C is short form for “Residential Placement Advisory Committee”
  • We have a role to review the appropriateness of your child’s  placement
  • Lumenus operates R.P.A.C for Toronto children under legislation called the Child, Youth and Family Services Act
  • Our friendly and experienced members review your child’s placement without bias
  • Committee members include a Coordinator, Community Citizen Volunteer and when appropriate, a neutral service provider

When do reviews happen?

  • Shortly after your child moves into a home supporting 10 children and youth R.P.A.C is mandated to conduct a review
  • Every 9 months until your child moves or turns 18

OR you can directly contact R.P.A.C when ….

  • You believe the appropriateness of your child’s foster or group home placement of any size is in question
  • You have the right to request a review

What does a review look like?

  • We will talk to you and workers involved regarding how the placement is  going
  • We will try and visit the home and meet your child
  • We will ask your son/daughter directly about their experience living in the program
  • We will ask general questions about your child’s  goals
  • We will ask if there are any concerns that need addressed
  • We will send you a letter outlining the review and  recommendations

Intake Info: 416-222-1153, ext. 7233 or email

Location: RPAC arranges to meet you where you are.  If you are from Toronto and now live in a foster or group home outside of the city we will make arrangements to meet you.  The RPAC office is located 1126 Finch Ave. West Unit 16 , Toronto Ontario , M3J 3J6
Call or email anytime.  RPAC will contact you within a few business days.

No Cost

Contact Info: 416 482 0081 ext.7233

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For more information, please call 416 482 0081 ext.7233 or fill out the form below.

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