For so many parents, finding the appropriate services and care for their child is often a frustrating and lonely, journey in the dark. This issue of Spotlight highlights how your donations provide individualized, wraparound early years services for Lumenus parents, caregivers and their children from ages 0-12. The success of the services detailed in this issue are only possible thanks to your donations and continued support. Your donation helps provide timely, effective early identification and intervention, so that we can reduce the need for more intensive services later in life. Your donation helps us turn on the lights, and build a brighter future for Toronto children and their families.

The Lumenus Mission

We illuminate a seamless pathway to optimal wellbeing through high-impact mental health and developmental services and strong system leadership.



Unique Clients Served

“Half of Ontario parents who have sought mental health help for their child said they have faced challenges in getting the services needed”

Early Years programs are building resilience and brighter futures for children and their families

Our Early Years programs and services directly addresses this need. We provide supports and individualized service for families and children aged 0-12 with complex needs. The key is early intervention to address a problem when it’s smaller and more available to intervention. We ensure that children who have barriers to healthy development or have specialized learning needs are connected to the right services to give them the best chance to reach their full potential and experience optimal well being.

These services may include occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and opportunities for social interaction through child and family centres.

“Because young children’s emotional well-being is tied so closely to the mental health of their parents and non-family caregivers, the emotional and behavioral needs of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers are best met through coordinated services that focus on their full environment of relationships” (Harvard University)

Your donation to Early Years contributes to:

  • Improving child and family attachment, functioning and resilience.
  • Supporting children in acquiring skills necessary for optimal long-term outcomes
  • Providing knowledge and support to families about child development.
  • Allowing parents to feel more confident with their skills


of mental health challenges have their
onset during childhood or adolescence.

The key is early intervention –


of clients served are 0-5 years old.

“Healthy development in the early years (particularly birth to three) provides the building blocks for educational
achievement, economic productivity, responsible citizenship, lifelong health, strong
and successful parenting of the next generation” (Harvard University).

One mother and daughters’ journey to find independence:

“I am the mother of a daughter who has ASD. After her diagnosis, of course the fear set in. What were the next steps? How was I going to get the help I needed? How was I going to manage parenting a child with autism? What were her future goals going to look like? And how was I going to ensure that she was successful in life?

“Lumenus has embraced my daughter Evelyn, who we all call Evie. They treat her as an individual, provide her the care she needs. And she loves going there for her ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) sessions. “They (Lumenus) continually take in my concerns and they tailor Evie’s therapy to what she needs.  When Evie started school this September, for instance, she wasn’t potty trained. I had been trying to potty train her for a couple of years but none of the traditional methods were working. I am constantly fighting for support for her. Her toileting issues became an issue with school because she was left in soiled diapers for many hours, the staff refused to change her or understand her needs. Her health and safety became a risk. So Betty, at Lumenus, stepped in and came up with a plan to help get Evie potty trained. Through data collection, resources and organized routine. And one that was implemented at home, at school and at Lumenus. She even communicated with Evelyn’s teacher to help guide her teacher through the process. Consistency was a goal that we shared and Lumenus helped make our needs a priority. With hard work and dedication, I can safely say that Evelyn is now potty trained. A goal that was met together and has helped with many aspects of her life including independence.”


Please share this Lumenus Impact Report with like-minded colleagues, family and friends. Your donations are making a difference. Imagine what we could achieve with a growing network of support.

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