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Your Impact: Discover how your donations to the Resiliency Fund have pushed open the doors that feel heavy

Consider a young person living in live-in treatment who has just been accepted into York University. However, the $500 registration fee was an unexpected expense they can’t afford. Losing out on this opportunity will impact not only their educational and employment future but likely quash any of the positive momentum gained to date.

Or, a young mother who is a victim of abuse and is now in the Lumenus’ Wraparound program. Moving out of a shelter into a new living environment is a big step. And while she has managed to purchase two new beds for her children, she just doesn’t have the additional $80 required to cover the delivery fee.

These are actual examples of how your donations to the Resiliency Fund helped bridge the financial gaps that can prevent young people from progressing out of their current situation and into a more promising future.

The Lumenus Mission

We illuminate a seamless pathway to optimal wellbeing through high-impact mental health and developmental services and strong system leadership.



Distributed in food cards from the Resiliency Fund and grants during the Pandemic. Food Insecurity is a highly stressful experience. The prevalence of poor mental health or severe anxiety symptoms is substantially higher in families experiencing food insecurity. (Stats Canada). This year we have already put your donations to use, distributing more food cards and money for transportation to and from counselling sessions.

You raised


During the 2023 campaign for the Resiliency Fund.
We more than doubled our result from the
2022 campaign and surpassed our 2023 goal by more than $10,000.

2022 GOAL: $20,000

2023 GOAL: $30,000

Your dollars went the extra mile and funded new pathways to wellness with the Resiliency Fund.

What sets Lumenus apart from other organizations in the community is what we call the “wrap-around” approach. Meaning, that each and every one of our clients have services “wrapped around” them by our dedicated team of support workers to provide a single circle of care.

Thanks to your generosity, each year Lumenus assists over 11,000 youth and young adults find their pathway to wellness through everything from mental health and development services to autism support and treatment. With your support, we are able to ensure that clients are cared for in every capacity and never have to pursue additional support. Lumenus is one of the few agencies that can deal with the complexities of dual diagnosis – such as mental health and substance abuse or mental health and developmental challenges.

This one stop shop approach extends beyond the expertise of our staff and diversity of our programming as each year your donations to the Resiliency fund ensure that unexpected financial barriers experienced by our client are not a barrier to their pathway to wellness.


Please share this Lumenus Impact Report with like-minded colleagues, family and friends. Your donations are making a difference. Imagine what we could achieve with a growing network of support!

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