Stepping Stones Triple P – Seminar Two: Helping Your Child Reach Their Potential

In Seminar Two, we will discuss how parents can use positive parenting principles to promote their child’s development by teaching them new skills and behaviours.  The six key steps to teach a new skill include: how to choose what skill(s) to teach, breaking the skill into steps, choosing rewards, deciding when and where to teach, using effective teaching strategies and data tracking. 


The Stepping Stones Triple P Selected Seminar Series is a 3-part series.  Although not required, participants are encouraged to attend the seminar series in the order presented (please register separately). 

  • Registration closes 24 business hours prior to the workshop 
  • These workshops are part of the Foundational Family Services offered through the OAP.  Participants must have a child registered with the OAP to be eligible to attend. 


Feb 10 2022


10:00 am - 11:30 am

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