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EMBODY YOGA Campaign Posts

We’re asking you to join our team: To enable capacity building so we can replace despair and isolation with hope and access.

You can do this by helping to share our message and EMBODY YOGA campaign with folks in your network. Your generosity to share our message will allow us to increase our capacity.


The components of the EMBODY YOGA campaign social posts & YouTube video are included below.

The chart below includes the posts that we are making with corresponding dates. If you wish to share these posts, please abide by the chart.

Follow the chart according to the dates & content. The posts are located in the google drive below. We have created every image in the appropriate sizing for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram. We will also email the posts on the day of posting.

Double click the corresponding name in the drive below and then click the download button on the top right. At that point, please upload the image to the correct social media platform with the caption below.

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Asset Posting DateCaption

Monday, February 28thMoney raised through EMBODY YOGA will fund programs that will truly impact a child’s developmental success.

Help us make a positive change.

#embodyyoga #yoga #lumenuscs #giveback #donate #toronto #youth #wellness #mentalhealth #youthmentalhealth
Thursday, March 3Here are all the important details you need to know about EMBODY YOGA!

Lumenus provides services to approximate 8,167 young children and parents annually, but the demand for services far outweigh our capacity. As a result, lengthy wait times for services are typical.

Wait times in Toronto for infant and toddler services can be anywhere from eight months to one year. This delay can be devastating to an infant, toddler or parent in distress.

With a range of cross-disciplinary supports required to address the needs of each family, we want to be ready given the current demand for services and the increase in referrals we are expecting in a post-COVID world.

Join us in making sure that every infant and toddler in Toronto gets the chance to be seen, be heard and be well.

#embodyyoga #yoga #lumenuscs #giveback #donate #toronto #youth #wellness #mentalhealth #youthmentalhealth
Team Building
Tuesday, March 8What a winning combo, team building AND supporting youth.

Some team building benefits include:
– Fostering friendships among team members
– Underscoring company culture
– Bringing out hidden talents
– Driving team cooperation
– Creating shared memories
– Boosting team morale

Participating in EMBODY YOGA can impact a child’s developmental success by;

Providing timely, effective early interventions
Reducing the need for more intensive and intrusive intervention
Improving child and family attachment, functioning and resilience
Enhancing knowledge of child development and parental confidence
Reducing stress and developing effective parental coping skills.

#embodyyoga #yoga #lumenuscs #giveback #donate #toronto #youth #wellness #mentalhealth #youthmentalhealth
Company Fundraising

Friday March, 11thIf your company is looking for a cause to dedicate philanthropy hours and support to, look no further!

#embodyyoga #yoga #lumenuscs #giveback #donate #toronto #youth #wellness #mentalhealth #youthmentalhealth
Family & Kids
Monday, March 14thFamilies can get involved in EMBODY YOGA. What better way to spend your Sunday with your loved ones
Team Building 2

Thursday, March 17thTeam build while giving back. Lumenus Community Services is an organization I support with pride and I ask that you go to your workplace and inquire to see if they would be interested in getting involved.

Join us in making sure that every infant and toddler in Toronto gets the chance to be seen, be heard and be well.



Posting DateCaption
Tuesday, March 1EMBODY YOGA.
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