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17 life changing outcomes from therapy

Isaiah Thomas is a 23 years old college student that has been a client at Doorways since 2018. He suffered for major depression and major anxiety. Throughout the years Isaiah was able to take advantage of CBT group offered Lumenus and now an active member to the Social Anxiety Group offered from the Doorways Team.   Isaiah often shares with this Social Worker at Doorways program that the program has helped him is so many ways.   He writes:

“Before I started the doorways I was in a very bad place mentally, but my time at Lumenus with its fantastic community connections workers has allowed me to grow into a healthier, more sociable, and happier version of myself I never thought was possible to become. The Doorways Program helped me become self-reliant, accomplished in my goals, confident, mentally healthy, and ready to face the adult world on my own.” -Isaiah Thomas

In the past, Isaiah would write down his accomplishment since he started the program.  He states:

1.No longer having suicidal thoughts that control my life or constant emotionally strong feelings of suicide
2.School Avoidance
3.Being Able to be around large groups of people/large classrooms
4.Being able to focus in class
5.Being able to produce work on time without fear of my work being inadequate
6.Being able to maintain conversations
7.Being able to share my opinions and feelings openly
8.No longer feeling the extremes of depression, learned to function with it
9.Being able to present in front of a small group
10.Being able to go to the bank/check my emails/do important things
11.Being able to go to the store for a short amount of time
12.Finding things that work for me (presenting first/sitting at the front)
13.Not feeling constantly lonely, I learned to feel comfortable with independence
14.Acknowledging my unrealistic social expectations for myself & working on being kinder to myself
15.Desiring a better life (educated-valued job) but also feeling more comfortable with not achieving those goals/living a low-skill life (for example, working in fast food if I have to)
16.Being Willing to accept help from social workers, community workers, psychologists, psychiatrists

17.Feeling comfortable taking anti-depressants on a regular basis. No longer feeling guilt, shame, or disgust for taking them.

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