Programs & Services

Overview Information

Access: Referral

Ages: 0-18

Cost: Free

Whatever It Takes serves children and youth between the ages of birth to 18 who live in the City of Toronto who have needs that cross sectors and require highly individualized service plans. Whatever It Takes facilitates the collaboration of service providers to respond to children and youth in complex service situations whose needs surpass the ability and capacity of any one service provider or service sector, closing the gaps and enhancing the circle of support and service. 

Whatever It Takes services include:

  • Offering interim intensive case management support
  • Developing partnerships that facilitate access to specialized assessments and services
  • Generating collaborative service responses to develop a continuum of services and supports
  • Identifying unmet service system gaps and making findings known to the service community and relevant ministries

Additional Access Information:

A referral can be made to Whatever It Takes when/if: - The child or youth lives in the North or West quadrants of Toronto - The Service Coordinator is unsure who to contact in the system - The service situation requires cross-governmental/cross-sectoral and/or inter-ministerial responses - The Service Coordinator needs help in developing an interim service plan - The child/youth needs specialized supports as part of a transitional support plan

Delivery Partners:

  • Strides

Contact Us:

For more information, please call 416- 222-1153 or fill out the form below.

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