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Access: Referral

Ages: 12+

Cost: Free

Lumenus offers a variety of licensed residential support services to youth and adults in Toronto. Each home is different and provides varying levels of support but they all offer a safe, respectful environment where clients have the opportunity to be seen, be heard and be well.

Our co-ed licensed residences are staffed 24/7 and offer a structured, therapeutic, welcoming, home-like environment for youth (12+) and adults with social, emotional, and behavioural challenges with or without a developmental disability. 

Residents are provided with an opportunity to:

  • Develop new resources, responsibilities and constructive relationships
  • Gain life skills and confidence
  • Be supported by dedicated child and youth workers, residential support workers, social workers and other consulting clinicians

For some youth these homes provide a place to live due to family breakdown, physical or sexual abuse, emotional trauma and/or mental health issues. We’re committed to offering and promoting a safe and respectful environment for our residents, staff, neighbourhood and surrounding community. Family/caregiver involvement and community engagement is supported and encouraged.

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