Programs & Services

Overview Information

Access: Service request through child care program

Ages: [ Age of participant ] 0-6, 7-12

Cost: Funded by the City of Toronto

Licensed child care program or home child care agency will access their assigned Resource Consultant to initiate a request for support when a child is showing signs of an emotional, social or behaviour issue and/or developmental/physical concern that is impacting the child and/or the child care environment.  The Resource Consultant will also work with the parent/guardian to review the concern.

The Resource Consultant also provide consultation and support to the child care providers in order to assist them in achieving their objectives. Access to a variety of specialized consultations can be facilitated by the Resource Consultant.


  • Consultation provided during the hours the childcare programs are open

Contact Us:

For more information, please call All requests go through child care programs. Additional information can be accessed by contacting Director of Early Years Programming @ 647-643-1060 or fill out the form below.


Lumenus provides support designated childcare programs within the .West and North quadrants of Toronto

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