Your gifts have a positive impact on the mental health and development journey for thousands of Toronto infants, children, parents and youth every year.

Lumenus Community Services provides over 120 high quality programs and services that address mental health, developmental, autism and early year’s intervention to infants, children, youth and families across Toronto. Our programs apply to individuals from all demographics and communities. What your support means is that we can offer our services as a more integrated approach, partnering with other organizations and helping clients navigate a complex system. In many cases, that approach allows us to tailor a path to specific client needs no matter where they are on their journey to wellness. Even when that means making temporary residential services available to those in need.

“Thanks to Hillsdale, home of my many angels, I’ve learned it’s okay to ask for help. I’ve learned to love myself.”

“The staff always worked with me, and that’s what I appreciated. I like that we made a plan and I had a say.”

“The most significant gaps in the mental health system for children and youth are in intensive services which is predominantly provided by mental health professionals in the community.”

Lumenus Community Services operates two long term co-ed live-in treatment homes – Hillsdale Residence and Richard Kalesky House. Lumenus intensive services offer a community-based approach where youth can build confidence and capacity. Our residential homes provide a safe, comfortable place to heal for youth 13-18 years-old,xperiencing family breakdown, abuse, emotional trauma and other severe mental health challenges. Staffed 24/7, there is no cost to residents. Lumenus homes provide a structured, therapeutic, secure environment to help resident youth gain skills and the self-confidence they need to succeed in life.  

A safe place. A home.

“Over the months the house wasn’t just a group home. It became my home, my safe place.” -Youth Resident

Help Lumenus open more spaces for youth and families – help us close the gaps that are so obvious in the system. Every child and youth deserves a safe haven, a home, a place to be build independence, and live without external anxieties or financial pressures. Every child and youth deserve to feel positive about themselves. Your donor dollars help us keep the lights on in our homes. They help renew stability, family and community when it is needed most.

Right through the month of December, 2022, the staff at two franchise brands of Soul Food Group, KFC and Taco Bell, will be asking patrons to donate $1 per order when they visit. So hey – start licking your fingers or running for the border to have lunch or a family dinner and make a big difference with every small contribution. Soul Food Group is an excellent example of our corporate partners stepping up and making connections on behalf of youth mental health. We welcome all interested businesses and leaders to join their efforts so every youth, child, infant, individual has the opportunity to be seen, be heard and be well.

Your donations and support help the one in five Toronto youth who will be diagnosed with a mental health disorder in the year ahead. And that’s before the impact of COVID drives those numbers up. Your gifts will help the parents who give up looking for mental health and developmental support for their children. Every donation will help Lumenus find ways to reduce significant wait times for youth, children and parents who are looking for help. You are the spotlight we count on to see more, hear more and help more children, youth, parents and individuals be well.


Please share this Lumenus Impact Report with like-minded colleagues, family and friends. Your donations are making a difference. Imagine what we could achieve with a growing network of support.

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