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Complex Special Needs Team

Who we serve:

Children/youth (under the age of 18) with complex/multiple needs who require specialized integrated cross-sector services and supports.

The complexity of the service needs for the child/youth are beyond the capacity of the service system and family. Immediate measures are needed to decrease risk to the health and safety of the child/youth.

Referral sources: Community case managers, family service agencies, and child welfare.

Eligibility requirements:

  1. A child/youth (under the age of 18) with a documented intellectual disability, currently identified as cognitively functioning below the 1st  percentile, and at a minimum, one additional complex special need including;
    1. Physical disability
    1. Chronic/severe illness
    1. Degenerative diseases
    1. Autism spectrum disorders
    1. Neurological disorders
    1. Other conditions requiring cross sector support
  2. Live in Toronto
  3. No child welfare protection concerns
  4. Family has exhausted all community services and supports available and appropriate for their child/youth
  5. A gap in the system has been identified

What we offer:

  • Information/consultation/referral to community services through Intake.
  • Congregate care access point mechanism for complex special needs in Toronto, when it is determined that there is a gap in the funded/existing system.
  • Administers individualized funding on behalf of government that flows through to other agencies and community partners. Provides Case Facilitation to oversee individual’s integrated service plans.
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