Twenty percent (20%) of our youth have been diagnosed with mental health disorders*. And that’s only the young people who seek help. How many more suffer in silence or fall through the gaps in the system – what impact did the COVID shutdowns have? Your support and donations improve and expand mental health services for our youth. Your support is an important step in helping them reach their adult years better prepared to achieve personal well being. Are the youth of Canada in crisis? The statistics here tell the story.


Fewer than one in five youth with mental health challenges will get the help they need.


Canada’s youth suicide rate is the third highest among industrialized nations.


70% of adult mental health challenges begin during childhood or adolescence


Wait times to access youth mental health services can be longer than 365 days


The mental health of Canadian youth decreased 22% through COVID, the largest drop of any age group.

*Statistics Canada, Youth Mental Health Canada

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